A Traveller's Guide to the Realms

I am often, in my journeys through the realms, hindered by the lack of information in the areas which lie around and ahead of me. To the best of my considerable knowledge, there has not been a single reliable repository of geographical and biological data ever compiled which covers more than a few dozen square miles.

While ordinarily I am not exactly in the habit of donating my expertise free of charge to any moron to do with as he pleases, in this case, it has occured to me that appearing to be an expert on this subject would go a long way to establishing my credibility.

With that in mind, my goal with this guide is to explain and illuminate some of the cultures and traditions that people in disparate regions of the realms may not have encountered. While I am rather well travelled, however, I do not claim omniscience, and this text may contain a few errors. I do try to point out where I have holes in my research, or where my observations may be biased, but in general, this guide should be fairly accurate.


-Kinain Biology