Well, that wraps up another year, bringing the comic roughly to it's halfway point (of the first story, which is likely the only one I'll actually do).
Some action scenes coming up next year, should be interesting.

2009, January 01

I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another. I think I got the computer working again, but now the internet connection is all jacked up.
This page also marks the first time I used a tablet in this comic. Just got it, and I'm trying to figure out the ropes, so I didn't want to try to use it for too much, but the grass in this page was mostly done via tablet.
(Wow, this page looks horrible in firefox, I need to fix it)
(Edit: Okay, fixed, I think, had an extra closing tag in my template... brilliant...)

2008, September 16

Apologies for this week's update being slightly late; things are kind of hectic here.
I still haven't re-installed PaintShop; right now the comic's being done in GIMP. While there's a bit of a curve there, I'm thinking that over the long run, it might help me to get some practice with a few different image editing programs. So, I'm thinking of staying with GIMP for a while. If anyone's got an opinion on the changes to the comic, I'd love to hear from them.

2008, July 14

Okay, so, long story short: this week, my hard drive died. Had to reformat the whole thing and lost all my files. So, this week's page looks a bit different, because I'm still looking for my copy of Paintshop.
Also, I lost some of the color swatches and background samples and things, so there may be some changes in even once I get the software untangled.

2008, June 28

Happy Second Birthday!

So, that's two years down... While I'm not terribly happy with the pacing, I am glad that things are finally starting to move past the point where I have to keep filling pages with exposition. So at least I'm finally (hopefully) able to draw something more interesting than talking heads for a while.

2008, January 1

And with that, we reach 100 pages... the story should start picking up soon. There's been far too much exposition lately (and by lately, I mean in the last fifty or so pages), but I think it's ready to move a bit quicker now.

2007, October 22

Apologies for the delay in uploading this; my internet connection has been limping along for a while now, and finally dropped it's last packet yesterday and died. No signal at all. Hopefully, it's fixed now, though...

2007, April 30

And with that, Kerao marks it's first birthday! A full, three-hundred and sixty-five days of comic, and the plot remains mired in boring monologues and backstory. Argh. Oh, well, I'm just amazed that I managed to run a full year without missing a single update. Whee!

2006, December 31

New feature for the acrhives should be up: now you can choose to jump to a specific page by entering a number in the text box under the navigation bar. There may still be a few bugs in it, so please let me know if you run into anything serious. Thanks to Adapa for a ton of help in figuring out how to put this together.

2006, November 12

Overhauled the Archive page today (July 17), now it's all one page instead of thirty different pages. Clicking on the "first" button precaches all the images (this may take a minute or two) and starts you at the title page; clicking on the "previous" button takes you to the most recent page and should only load pages as you request them (which takes a few seconds every time you click. If anyone has any problems with this, feel free to let me know.

2006, July 17

Minor revamp of the site to hopefully fix the popping in Internet Explorer. The animated buttons now just pop in and out rather than fading. It still loads the fade animation, though, which is going to sting the bandwidth a bit, but I don't know how else to handle it.

2006, July 16

Okay, most of the site should be functional, more or less, but some sections are basically empty until the plot gets moving. I'm still having some issues with Internet Explorer not animating the buttons correctly, which is proving difficult to solve, however.

2006, January 15

Page launch. The update schedule I'm aiming for is about once weekly, probably every Sunday night.

2005, December 30